Nutrisystem Two Week Update May 16th 

*** for some reason this post got deleted, luckily I had it saved in my notes so i am reposting it**** 

Hey everybody

Sorry I haven’t written for two weeks, I missed the first week on Monday since I worked all day so I figured I would get back to it the next Monday…..

Summary of my two weeks on Nutrisystem:


It’s been really hard to stay on track because I do not have a microwave at my job and I can’t eat sometimes. Other than that I am really enjoying the plan and after two weeks people are actually noticing that I lost a bit of weight. I don’t have a scale right now so I don’t know how much I currently weigh but the last time I checked which was May 7th. I weighed 187, my starting weight was 193.4 so I lost a good amount of weight in less than a week, I’ll try to get my weight to you guys as soon as possible but I will do my measurements just to see!   

Also, I can’t lie. I have been slipping from my weight loss program and it’s been pretty hard to continue just because I get sad that I can’t eat the foods I used to eat. Today is a brand new day and I am going to stick to my weight loss program!

  • May 1st Starting Weight: 193.4
    • May 16th: 186.2
  • May 1st Chest: 41
    • 40 1/2
  • May 1st Waist: 36
    • 36
  • May 1st Hips: 42 1/2
    • 40 1/2
  • May 1st Arm: 15 1/2
    • 14 3/4
  • May 1st Thigh: 27 7/8
    • 27
  • May 1st Neck: 14 5/8
    • 14 5/8

*****Since I am writing this in the night I will measure in the morning because I am really bloated right now lool *****

I’ll be back next week!


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