Nutrisystem Monday May 22nd 

So I’ll be honest with you guys, I slacked off a lot. And I’m super surprised to say that I remained the same weight: 186.2 lbs

I started tackling my weight loss journey harder this week though and I started going to the gym. My gym workouts consist of a 10 minute cardio session followed by routine of weight training provided from this online website called: Muscle and Fitness 

^ that is the specific training guide I am using and I am currently on day 3.

Along with going to the gym, I am going to add some daily goals to my life. This past week I have been waking up at 8 a.m. everyday, I feel like this is awesome because I get a good start to the day. I can lounge around for an hour or two in my bed while I’m awake and then have my breakfast at 10 a.m. like I usually do. Once I get into the habit of waking up that early I’m going to fill in that time with outdoor activities to get active. I have also been going swimming as a work out during my rest days in my workout plan, just because while I do want to rest I still want to be active everyday. This week I am planning on going biking in the everglades which is super exciting and takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. 
I have been drinking the right amount of water everyday but I had not been eating my nutrisystem meals which I will start again today. 

Also, since I am now going to the gym, I will still be weighing myself but I know that my weight will also go up because of the muscle I am going to be putting on so instead I am going to focus on my BMI and my measurements.


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