Nutrisystem Two Week Update May 16th 

*** for some reason this post got deleted, luckily I had it saved in my notes so i am reposting it**** 

Hey everybody

Sorry I haven’t written for two weeks, I missed the first week on Monday since I worked all day so I figured I would get back to it the next Monday…..

Summary of my two weeks on Nutrisystem:


It’s been really hard to stay on track because I do not have a microwave at my job and I can’t eat sometimes. Other than that I am really enjoying the plan and after two weeks people are actually noticing that I lost a bit of weight. I don’t have a scale right now so I don’t know how much I currently weigh but the last time I checked which was May 7th. I weighed 187, my starting weight was 193.4 so I lost a good amount of weight in less than a week, I’ll try to get my weight to you guys as soon as possible but I will do my measurements just to see!   

Also, I can’t lie. I have been slipping from my weight loss program and it’s been pretty hard to continue just because I get sad that I can’t eat the foods I used to eat. Today is a brand new day and I am going to stick to my weight loss program!

  • May 1st Starting Weight: 193.4
    • May 16th: 186.2
  • May 1st Chest: 41
    • 40 1/2
  • May 1st Waist: 36
    • 36
  • May 1st Hips: 42 1/2
    • 40 1/2
  • May 1st Arm: 15 1/2
    • 14 3/4
  • May 1st Thigh: 27 7/8
    • 27
  • May 1st Neck: 14 5/8
    • 14 5/8

*****Since I am writing this in the night I will measure in the morning because I am really bloated right now lool *****

I’ll be back next week!


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Nutrisystem Monday May 22nd 

So I’ll be honest with you guys, I slacked off a lot. And I’m super surprised to say that I remained the same weight: 186.2 lbs

I started tackling my weight loss journey harder this week though and I started going to the gym. My gym workouts consist of a 10 minute cardio session followed by routine of weight training provided from this online website called: Muscle and Fitness 

^ that is the specific training guide I am using and I am currently on day 3.

Along with going to the gym, I am going to add some daily goals to my life. This past week I have been waking up at 8 a.m. everyday, I feel like this is awesome because I get a good start to the day. I can lounge around for an hour or two in my bed while I’m awake and then have my breakfast at 10 a.m. like I usually do. Once I get into the habit of waking up that early I’m going to fill in that time with outdoor activities to get active. I have also been going swimming as a work out during my rest days in my workout plan, just because while I do want to rest I still want to be active everyday. This week I am planning on going biking in the everglades which is super exciting and takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. 
I have been drinking the right amount of water everyday but I had not been eating my nutrisystem meals which I will start again today. 

Also, since I am now going to the gym, I will still be weighing myself but I know that my weight will also go up because of the muscle I am going to be putting on so instead I am going to focus on my BMI and my measurements.


Hello everyone!!

So I’m here as I promised to upload my starting measurements and my thoughts  the program so far. I just finished day one and the way I am doing this journey is I will be posting once a week to check in with you guys on how my week went. Today I am just posting my thoughts so far and my starting weight, including a picture. 


I was cut off guard so maybe the picture looks worse than what I really am but either way it’s an angle of me! 

Starting measurements (pounds/inches)

Weight: 193.4

Chest: 41

Waist: 36

Hips: 42 1/2

Arm: 15 1/2

Thigh: 27 7/8

Neck: 14 5/8

I haven’t been able to do body fat properly but according to an online website:

Body Fat: 30.2 Obese

Thoughts on the Program

To be honest it looks like it’s going to be good. I like the food that I a received and the fact that everything is labeled so you know what you need to eat. I especially like the eating out book, it gives you different options on helping you eat healthier while eating out. It also has popular food chains to give you their healthiest options. 

I don’t like the fact that we have to add four servings of vegetables on our own but I don’t mind it that much. It’s not that much work. So far so good, I’ll see you guys the upcoming Monday!