What It Feels Like To Walk Alone As A Female

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Let me first preface this by saying that I am by no means a model, or even a beautiful and desired woman. I am a simply a female, and I can guarantee that any female relates to this – it depends not on looks or race or anything aside from the sheer fact of being a female.

Literally as I sit down to write this right now my heart is racing. The funny thing about females is that we are almost predisposed to being like cops (I imagine, I’m not actually a cop); we are constantly surveying those around us, always aware, ready to make a split second judgment call, and always assessing levels of potential risk in our surroundings.

Just now I was a few blocks from my apartment and I saw a man who was visibly stoned, which I deduced from a quick glance noticing severe delays/imbalance…

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